cppOpt rework / ASCII generator finalizing

Posted on December 2, 2017

CppOpt rework

About a month ago I reworked cppOpt. The controlling logic isn’t static anymore, so it’s now possible to have multiple, unrelated optimisations running at once.
I think when I wrote it initially, there were no lambda expressions or std::function within C++. These are now used for bigger flexibility when initializing optimisers.
I spent a lot of time improving the performance and made it possible to remove all multithreading overhead when running on a single thread.
There’s smaller ideas I came up with afterwards for improving cppOpt further, but these will have to wait.
I updated the project’s page here for the new version.

ASCII generator finalizing

Since my last post I finished the backend for the ASCII generator. I also implemented a client with HTML and JS as website.
It is already past an initial version (versioned above 1.0.0). I really like how it’s turning out.
I registered a domain for it and once it’s properly redirecting I’ll make another post here, add it to the projects and link to it.
Since it’s basically live I won’t show any new images in this post.