Git and directory tools

Posted on December 28, 2018

Over the past few months I worked on several Git and a directory tool.

Git analytics tool

One of the tools can be used to analyze an existing Git repo.
It can track statistics such as commits/contributor, commits/file, daily changes to a file, etc. and display them with charts.
It can also create reports for certain time spans.
Making it very useful to find files that are changed often or only maintained by a single person.
It’s in a very early stage and I’m not sure whether it’ll be released in the future.

Git versioning tool

Especially for shared libraries it’s important to get versioning right.
I needed a tool to auto generate a semantic version for every commit of a Git repo.
There were several tools available, but none that behaved as I needed it to.
So I wrote giV which will be shown on a separate project page.

Directory tool

I worked on a tool that allows flattening, filtering and renames of folders with proper previews and no risk of destroying the source directory.
The supported features work well and things like the preview are really helpful. It’s still in an early state and I’m not sure whether it’ll be released.