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General purpose library for algorithms and containers within 2D space.


Classes currently defined within lib_2d:

Point<T> //a point defined with two coordinates (x and y)  
PointCloud<T> //a collection Points, without topological information
OrderedPointCloud<T> //a PointCloud with additional information regarding sorting and filtering of points
KdTree<T> //search tree to quickly find nearest neighbors
LineSegment<T> //a line segment defined by start and end point
Rectangle<T> //a rectangle defined by width, height and center
Arc<T> //an arc defined by diameter, center, start- and end angle
Ellipse<T> //an ellipse
InterpolationBezier<T> //a bezier curve interpolation  
InterpolationLinear<T> //a linear interpolation
InvolutCircle<T> //involut curve of a circle

Functions / algorithms

Some of lib_2d’s functions or algorithms:

move_by(...) //moves the Point or PointCloud  
mirror_vertically(...) //mirrors the Point or PointCloud at a vertical line (horizontally and point also supported)  
rotate(...) //rotate by angle around a center  
to_string(...) //write coordinates to a string  
from_string(...) //parse from a string
distance_to(...) //calculate distances between points
load(...) //load coordinates from file
to_file(...) //write coordinates to file  
bounding_box(...)  //the minimum bounding rectangle of a PointCloud  
convex_hull(...) //calculate the convex hull of a PointCloud  
concave_hull(...) //compareable to the convex hull, while better following the shape of a pointcloud
intersections_with(...) //intersections between paths  
sort_x(...) //sort by x (or y)  

While lib_2d offers quite many features, rust-3d is now more powerful and also supports 3D space.