written in Rust, three.js, HTML, CSS and JS

A multiplayer game I started working on. I initially implemented it in Haskell but ran into memory and performance issues and decided to switch over to Rust before spending too much time optimising the Haskell version.
There’s a procedurally generated, infinite, 2D-tile world. It contains resources that can be gathered.
The server is written in Rust, the client is implemented as website using three.js for the rendering. Many players can move on the map at the same time and see each other.
I ran into lag issues which I can only solve by implementing most of the game’s logic in Javascript for the clients as well. This is necessary to interpolate and predict server responses for more fluid gameplay.
Since I wanted to write something in Rust and now would have to basically write the full logic and rendering in Javascript as well (which I don’t like that much), the development halted for now.
Maybe I’ll make it a single player game in the future. This would all lag issues and would allow me to implement most logic only once and in Rust.