My name is Martin Buck and I was born 1988 in Germany.
I love programming and it became my favorite hobby and later my job.

Personal Work

I spend big parts of my free time working on projects that I find interesing or are useful to me.
You can see some of them on the root page here. Others will likely be listed in the future, especially if I open source them or list them as product.
I started an Einzelunternehmen (sole proprietorship) in the end of 2018 and will sell some of my programs and possibly work on projects in the future.


2015 - Now

I’m currently employed as software developer at Zeiss Industrial Metrology,
where I’m responsible for the point cloud, mesh and feature extraction C++ library that is used in multiple Zeiss products such as Zeiss Caligo, Zeiss Calypso and current and future Zeiss NEO products.
I also work directly on Zeiss Caligo with focus on point cloud algorithms and path planning using both C++ and C#.

2013 - 2015

Previously I worked as an intern, then student trainee and finally for my bachelor thesis at Voith Turbo GmbH.
The main focus of my work was developing optimisation and analysis software for gears in C++.