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The blazingly fast 3D viewer.
Blaze3D might be the fastest 3D data viewer currently available.
It supports both 3D triangle mesh and pointcloud data.


There’s an evaluation (demo) version which may be used non-commercially for up to 7 days. It offers the same features as the full version.
The full version may be used commercially and has no time restrictions.
You can purchase the full version on or find an up-to-date link on
Please always test the evaluation version on your system with the data you plan on viewing to ensure everything runs smoothly for you before your purchase.

File formats

  • .stl both binary and ASCII
  • .ply ASCII iff only xyz data present
  • .obj
  • .off
  • .xyz
  • .xyzc ignoring colors
  • .xyzn ignoring normals
  • .csv iff formatted similar to .xyz*
  • .txt iff formatted similar to .xyz*
  • .psl


You can
* Drop files you’d want to view onto the executable * Drop files onto the already opened viewer
* Pass them as first argument when using the console

blaze3d someFile.stl


The faster executable loads generally faster, but may use more memory or have worse rendering performance.
It prefers loading speed above all.

Camera controls

  • Mouse Left: Move
  • Mouse Right: Rotate
  • Mouse Middle: Rotate
  • Scroll: Zoom

Used models

Example images display the wonderful Medieval Castle by boldmachines which you can find on Thingiverse licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.