May 7, 2022

The current prototype build of Combine And Conquer is finally available on It’s available for both Windows and Linux. Please note that this build has multiplayer disabled, since I first have to polish it some more. Also don’t expect a polished or finished game, this is still a very early prototype and doesn’t even have sound.
Grab a copy if you
- want to support me
- would like to try out early builds of Combine And Conquer
- want to purchase it while it’s very cheap

I’d also like to use this opportunity to thank you for your interest in this devlog and Combine And Conquer :) .

Release preparations

In preparation of the release I worked on some low hanging fruits. I cleaned up the UI, improved text positioning to avoid overlaps and improved the wording of some texts.
I also worked on my build and release pipeline to make the launch possible.