Planet Structures and Resources

August 2, 2021

It’s now possible to place Structures also on the Planet. Here they are then simulated and ticked just as if they were part of a Blueprint. It’s also ensured that they can’t be placed on Water tiles.

I then added resource fields that spawn depending on their position’s noise value similar to how Tiles are chosen.

    pub fn material_at(&self, pos: &Pos) -> Option<Material> {
        if let Some(tile) = self.tile_at(pos) {
            if tile.can_hold_resources() {
                if[x, y, z_copper]) > min {
                } else if[x, y, z_iron]) > min {
                } else if[x, y, z_coal]) > min {
                } else {

Since there’s now resource fields I also added a Structure that can harvest them: The Miner.
Depending on whether there’s resources on the Tile it was placed on its content will be set after the cooldown has passed.