Module Select and more

November 20, 2021

There’s been some more improvements regaring Blueprints and Modules over the last couple of days.

Modules in Structure Select

Generated Modules are now visible within the Structure Select view:

Initially Modules were free to place, but now they cost as much as their components.
The cost is now also rendered as text above the Module. There’s also indicators for whether a component can be afforded.

Shrink Blueprint before modularize

When generating a Module the Blueprint is now shrunk so there’s no wasted space on its edges. The player doesn’t have to manually take care of that anymore.

More direct access to views

Beforehand [Space] was bound to iterate through the available views.
Now each view has its own key ([1], [2], ...).

Dynamic Miner yield

Miners now yield resources more quickly if they are in range of more resource tiles.