Spaceships and flights

April 27, 2022

Instead of just ‘teleporting’ Items between linked Spaceports, there’s now Spaceships involved.
A Spaceport can now hold a Spaceship. Once it does, every Item placed into it is filling up the Spaceship‘s Inventory.
Once it is full and there’s a link to another Spaceport, the Spaceship is ’launched’ and considered to be in flight.
Currently Planets have no position in space and I simply consider all Planets to have the same distance between each other.
Once the flight is over, the Items arrive at the target Spaceport and the Spaceship is lost.
The Spaceport is now also rendered differently depending on whether there’s a Spaceship present. The current fill rate is also shown.

Below a Spaceport without a Spaceship being present:

And here’s a Spaceport with a Spaceship that’s filled to 1%: