Planet colonization, exhausts and tooltips

June 9, 2022

Planet colonization

There’s now finally a planet colonization system.
Instead of just being able to build on every planet, they first have to be colonized by sending a Colonizer Ship to a planet. Both the research for those ships and the ships themselves are very expensive and supposed to be only accessible after having built a large factory.
For the ‘home’ planet nothing changed and some Structures are still available when starting a new game.
By colonizing a planet, some Structures are added to its Inventory. It should be possible to send other ships to the planet after colonizing it, therefore one of the Structures is a Landing Zone.
The previous Spaceships are now called Cargo ships.

Ship exhaust

I added an exhaust to ships. Below the new Colonizer Ship with exhaust:


There are some complicated multi-step actions such as linking Space Port and Landing Zone and the colonization of planets.
I therefore added tooltips that are rendered near the cursor to describe what the player should do next.