Version 0.4.2

February 2, 2023

While version 0.4.2 contains quite many changes, none affect savegames.
0.4.2 works with savegames of the previous 0.4 versions.
Note that due to some of the changes existing hotkeys were changed.

Colored Presence

The ‘presence’ is now colored depending on the Structures’ categories.
The category is also shown in the InfoBox on hover.


This release comes with major improvements to the InfoBox.

Follow The Cursor

The InfoBox now follows your cursor instead of being fixed in the top-right corner.
Its behavior will avoid blocking your cursor and the window’s edges. It’s now also rendered above everything else. This has some major benefits:

  • Thanks to the allowed overlap, it now uses less space since it doesn’t have to share vertical space with the Overlay anymore
  • It being closer to the cursor should make it more pleasent to look at information of the hovered item since you won’t have to look across the screen anymore

Since you might not want to have it blocking your view it is now also hidden by default.
It’ll fade in once you keep your cursor still for a little while. It will disappear again if you move your cursor ‘a lot’. This way it’s possible to still scan multiple elements without it disappearing immediately.

More Information

This release now shows more information in the InfoBox:

  • I added description texts to all the Hotbar buttons
  • The current cooldown of hovered Structures is now shown
  • The active flights for LaunchPad and Landing Zone are now listed
  • The link state for LaunchPad and Landing Zone is now visible (but only with ‘planet precision’)
  • Lab and Burner Power cooldowns are now shown

Other Improvements

There’s also general improvements to the InfoBox:

  • I changed the ‘holding’ text of Arms to be less distracting
  • I improved the text formatting in general
  • Showing information when zoomed out now considers the actually visible tile instead of what’s ‘below the cursor’ at the exact position. This was e.g. noticable when hovering ore patches from far away, where the displayed ore in the InfoBox might not have matched what you see below the cursor.
  • I renamed Current Energy Stats to Energy


This release includes some more improvements regarding savegames.

InfoBox Support

The InfoBox now works for the savegame view and shows additional information about a game.

Savegame Size

The size of a savegame is now known and shown in the InfoBox.
There’s now also a new option to sort games by size. This makes it easy to spot your biggest factories.

Render Performance

I greatly improved the render performance of the savegame view. Previously all texts were rendered, now only the visible ones. I also improved the performance of the ‘mouse hover check’. Even with roughly 500 games and a debug build I encounter 0 delay now.


I added some missing notifications for the start of the save operation. (for example: ‘Saving NAME as…’)

UI Improvements

This release includes several UI improvements.

Dynamic Positioning

In previous versions some of the UI elements were still positioned ‘by hand’.
This solution wasn’t perfect and on change I had to tweak some values to make sure everything is correctly positioned.
This now happens automatically.
You’ll also notice that some elements now slightly moved due to that change. For example the notifications will now be displayed ‘at the top’ if there’s no confirmation dialog or text edit active.

Small Screen Support

I improved the automatic UI resizing some more to even better support smaller screens.
In combination with the now floating InfoBox this allows for really small window sizes.

Text Edit + Confirmation Dialog

Previously it was possible to have both active and overlapping, having a pretty undefined state.
This is not possible anymore. Only one of the two will ever be active now.


I also noticed that the ‘version string’ wasn’t correctly positioned in all cases. This should now be the case.
In this release the font size was also slightly reduced.

Notification Grouping

Equal notifications are now grouped, showing a counter suffix instead. This greatly reduces spam caused by notifications.

Low-Res Belts

Previously when zoomed out rather far the Belt stripes caused unpleasent flickering effects due to aliasing.
In this version I introduced a new ‘low-res’ version of the Belts which is used when zoomed out.

Rotate Improvements

There have been several improvements regarding rotation in this release.

Rotate Selected

It’s now possible to rotate the selected Structures. This is limited to symmetrical Structures since for asymmetrical ones a multi-rotate could cause them to block each other and the result would depend on the order in which the Structures are rotated. One could also end up in a state that can’t be undone.

Reverse Rotate

You can now ‘reverse rotate’ via Shift+R.

Updated Icons

I updated the rotation icons since I noticed that while the rotation is clockwise, the icons were counter-clockwise.

Research UI Improvements

I introduced another color for the research progress to make it more clear whether a technology is fully researched or only for example 99%.

The research progress shown in the InfoBox is now also colorized.

Screenshot Mode

It’s now possible to hide the UI by pressing Shift+J. This can be aborted by pressing ESC.

Faster Camera Move

You can now hold Shift while using WASD or the arrow keys to move around even faster.

Better Upgrade Behavior

When upgrading or replacing Structures there’s now two cases regarding the rotation-choice:

  • If it’s the same Structure but just another ‘mode’ (Belt Mk1 -> Belt Mk2, Arm Mk1 -> Long Arm Mk1) the original orientation is used
  • If its another Structure but an upgrade is allowed (Belt Mk1 -> Splitter) the cursor orientation is used

Show Current Planet

I added an indicator to the Overlay to show the currently active / focused planet. This way it becomes clearer which planet is considered for the Structure counts.


Previously flights were hidden once the player zoomed in far enough. This is now only the case if a planet is also in focus.
I also fixed some cases where the InfoBox wouldn’t show information on a flight.

Guide Improvements

This release brings several improvements to the guide. It was improved in general, got a new section regarding the InfoBox and describes the new selection features.

Other, Minor Improvements

  • Disable the water sound when zoomed out far
  • Remove the ‘you have labs but no research running’ notification
  • Only show ‘R to rotate’ if the cursor structure is rotatable
  • Fix the in some cases broken cursor hover events in the bottom left corner
  • You can now switch between item and structure mode with just Q
  • The hover effect for hotbars is now more noticable
  • When starting a new game with the ‘Starter cursor’ the Overlay now also has that selected
  • The ‘base’ texture of Arms has been flipped, since it looked like it ‘pointed’ in the wrong direction
  • Add keyboard controls to the Confirmation Dialog (Ok: Enter, Cancel: ESC)
  • Pressing Del with a selection active now triggers the ‘remove selected’ action
  • The Energy category now has a new icon
  • When setting ‘Modularize Ticks’ the text input will now also show the current value
  • Add shortcut U for picking the ‘set source limit’ cursor
  • The logic for ‘running low on power’ is now implemented for all planets individually and will show even if no planet is focused
  • Hide the Source and Sink counts when zoomed out far
  • Guard the ‘colonize’ action via Confirmation Dialog
  • Allow running Factor Y without any audio (for debugging)
  • Allow usage of - for names / in text inputs
  • Labs were showing Research Tokens as T1, T2, … . This is changed to RT1, RT2, … to match other occurences
  • I once more updated the coal texture to increase the contrast especially against belts