Variable Blueprint size and more

December 15, 2021

Variable Blueprint size

Until now Blueprints had specific widths and heights which had to be increased by the player to place Structures.
I now removed the size of Blueprints. Where required, the size can be calculated via its Structures.
This makes it way easier to create a Blueprint, since the player doesn’t have to tweak those values anymore.

Create Blueprint from selection

It’s now possible to select Structures on the Planet to then create a Blueprint from those Structures. This makes it very easy to create a Blueprint as a copy of already placed factories.

Blueprint restart and tick count

It’s now possible to restart the simulation of a Blueprint. This prevents the Blueprint simulation from getting stuck due to e.g. invalid Item placement or Sinks that were set to an incorrect Item.
The player can now set the maximum tick count for the Module generation and the current tick of the Blueprint simulation is now displayed. This now makes it possible to fine tune the tick count of the generated Module.

Scrolling of Structure Select view

It’s now possible to scroll the Structure Select view to ensure that even on small screens any Structure can be picked.