Structure upgrading and visibility check

March 4, 2022

Upgrading of Structures

It’s now possible to replace/upgrade existing Structures by placing the new one on top of them.
This only works in case it’s either the same Structure of a higher tier, or it makes sense in general.
Some of the possible upgrades:

Belt -> Fast Belt  
Arm  -> Fast Arm  
Belt -> Crossing  
Belt -> Swapper

Only render visible Structures

Finally the visibility of Structures is being considered when rendering. Before every Structure was rendered. This of course doesn’t scale once the factory becomes large.
This still has bugs in some cases. For example for the visibility check only the occupied position is considered. The range of an Influence is not rendered, once the Influence itself is not visible anymore. I’ll have to revisit this in the future.

More information rendered

More information is rendered now:
- The input and output counts of an Assembler
- More info text in Structure and Item select on hover
- Progress and name of Techs in the research view
- More details regarding recipes in Item select

Icon color

I can now change the color of all monochrome icons without having to change my image files. This makes it way easier to try new color themes for all the icons.

Miner range visible if grabbed

When about to place a Miner all Miner ranges are now rendered. This makes it easier to place a new Miner without having to change that render setting manually.