Unmodularize and dedicated Module view

March 2, 2022

Dedicated Module view

When having many, larger Modules the mixed Structure + Module view became hard to navigate.
I therefore split this up into two, dedicated views.
Modules are also only rendered one per line now, which also makes it easier to parse.


It’s now possible to ‘unmodularize’ Modules after placing them. This removes the Module and places its Structures accordingly. Un-doing the ‘modularize’ action.
This is super useful for editing or expanding Modules, since existing ones can now be easily modified this way.

Visual indicator for Arm’s direction

Depending on whether Arms currently hold something, their resting position is either in the ‘from’ or ‘to’ position.
This made it sometimes hard to tell whether they were oriented correctly.
I added a slight visual highlight at the ‘to’ end, to make it more obvious if they’re oriented incorrectly.

Hotbar hover indicator

Hotbar buttons were already highlighted if active. I extended this to another color if hovered and yet another one for the active+hovered state.