Many, minor improvements

March 31, 2022

There hasn’t been a major change recently, but many minor improvements.

Hotbar positioning

I improved the positioning of Hotbars to stop them from overlapping with other UI elements such as texts.

Active cursor state

I recently introduced cursor modes and Hotbar buttons to set them. Now the currently active mode is also highlighted.

I added a logo for Factor Y which is displayed in the upper left corner.

Energy bugfix

I fixed a bug in the Energy tick calculation where the factory would slow down too much if there wasn’t enough Energy produced.

Limit zoom

It was possible to zoom out into infinity which made little sense. There’s now a limit which is approximately when the entire Planet fits into the window.

Individual Energy stats

When selecting a Structure or Module, its produced or consumed Energy is now shown.

Range of cursor

I’m now rendering the effects of cursor Structures. For example when grabbing an Influence, its range is also rendered which makes it easier to create a proper coverage.

Modules rendered with borders

I added support for rendering borders and am now using this to display Modules instead of the overlays.

New textures for Assembler and Lab

I reworked the textures for Assembler and Lab

No more text icons

I replaced any icon that was still showing text with a symbol.
(Except for the ‘text’ symbol ;) )