Version 0.0.10-prototype

August 20, 2022

Migration to vector graphics

All graphical assets in Factor Y are now .svg vector graphics.
Everything is now looking better and being rendered at a higher resolution.
Thanks to the migration it will also be easier to improve assets in the future.
I created 155 .svg files for this. So it was quite a lot of work, but I think it was well worth it.
In addition to that there have also been minor tweaks to colors in general (e.g. background color of modules).
Have a look at the before and after:

Merger and Splitter

This release brings the new Structures Merger and Splitter.
They have a size of 1x1 and are (similar to Crossing) placed at intersections of Belts.
The Merger has three inputs and one output and merges the inputs into the output.
The Splitter has one input and three outputs and distributes the input Items across its outputs.
Both of them come in three tiers.

The new Techtree UI

There’s finally a proper Techtree in Factor Y.
It shows all the dependencies between the individual technologies, which of them are fulfilled and which of them are missing.

Overlay improvements

There’s been some changes and improvements to the Overlay.
Most of the buttons can now also be triggered via hotkeys. The Overlay’s color now changes depending on the mode, to make it more obvious which of them is active.
Since this release brings many more Belt types, I split the Transport category into Arms and Belts.

New tiers for existing Structures

The Crossing, Swapper and Mixer now also have three tiers.

Cursor to edit Modules

There’s now a new cursor for editing existing Modules.
Clicking a Module with it will open the Planner with the deconstructed version of the Module.
This way it becomes very easy to modify existing Modules.

Raw cost of recipes

The InfoBox now also shows raw material costs of recipes.

Other, minor improvements

  • The milestone text color is now lighter and better readable
  • The current research UI is now rendered wider to prevent text overflow
  • For some Structures, the InfoBox now shows additional information
  • Module names can now contain uppercase characters
  • Add an even faster Fast Tick to the planner (old 10x, new 100x)
  • It’s now possible to upgrade / overwrite more Structures with Belts
  • In a Module’s overlay text, the available Item count is now also shown (instead of just the Module’s costs)
  • Slighly move the Module Source/Sink texts to avoid overlaps
  • Modules’ recipes can’t overlap their Sources and Sinks anymore
  • Due to the addition of new Belt tiers, the BetterBelts research now also has tiers


  • Structures with Influence can now be placed anywhere
  • Increase both craft and energy costs of Arms
  • Reduce yield of Miners to about one third
  • Reduce cost of improved Influence research
  • Increase cost of Landing Zone
  • Tweak crafting times: Belts and Arms faster, spaceships slower


  • Rendering of overlay activity does not ‘cut’ into the recipe anymore
  • Resolve an issue in the Overlay where buttons might not be shown
  • Fix several bugs regarding Influence when adding / removing Structures that provide it
  • Two Belts pointing at each other won’t cause Items to be passed around forever anymore
  • The window title is now correctly showing version and name again
  • Upgrading Structures wouldn’t re-add the removed Structure to the inventory. This is now fixed.