Version 0.3.5

December 14, 2022

This is yet another release containing minor changes.
Note that 0.3.5 works with savegames of the previous 0.3.x versions.

Guide Notification

Since many players are still unaware that there’s a guide available, I added a notification that tells players about it.
This notification will only show for a few times in the current run and only if there aren’t any (compatible) savegames present yet.
This way it shouldn’t annoy players that are already aware of it while still informing new players.
I also slighty increased the time that notifications are shown for.

In Game Version String

There’s now a version string rendered as overlay in Factor Y.

Other, Minor Improvements

  • It’s now also possible to enter numbers via the numpad
  • In the demo there’s now an additional notification when trying to load games
  • It’s now more obvious that one can also rotate by pressing R and delete by pressing Del
  • Mixer and Swapper are now more quiet
  • ‘Edit Module’ was renamed to ‘Plan Module’ and its description improved. This should now make it more clear that the existing Module remains unchanged

Guide Changes

There have been some improvements to the guide:

  • The guide file was renamed to guide.pdf, guide.html
  • Usage of Modules within Modules is now explained
  • How the text edit control works is now described
  • There’s now a note that the Planner’s state is not saved
  • The difference between Structure and Item is now explained


  • There was an issue where when running low on power while also having energy storage that storage would constantly fill up and empty again
  • When switching text edits the text is now emptied
  • Texts of inventories are now rendered above Arm Items