Version 0.3.6

December 22, 2022

This is yet another release containing minor changes.
Note that 0.3.6 works with savegames of the previous 0.3.x versions.

Improved Debugging

I added new debugging options to Factor Y to debug GPU / rendering issues in case one of you might encounter problems.
With 0.3.4 I made the Windows version run without a console window. I later noticed that with that configuration it’s actually impossible to read any log output on Windows, making it even harder to find the source of a problem.
With this version and while in debugging mode Factor Y will print its output to console windows when started from one.
This way we get rid of the ‘annoying’ console window during normal gameplay while still having the option to debug issues.

Lost In Space

Factor Y automatically switched from Planet to Space View on zooming out, but not back to Planet View when zooming in.
I did it this way since one might want to take a closer look at a ship flying above a planet without going back to Planet View.
Sadly I noticed that too many players got stuck in the Space View this way.
As a workaround it will now switch to the Planet View but only if one zooms in really close. Sadly in this case the switch won’t be seamless. I hope that in the future it might all be a single view, getting rid of those issues.

Guide Changes

I added another image explaining the Item | Structure difference and now properly explain how to set an Assembler’s recipe.