Version 0.5.2

April 5, 2023

This release contains many improvements but is still compatible with savegames of previous 0.5 versions.
It focuses on visual updates, but also contains some gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

Graphical Improvements

I spent quite some time improving the graphics. It took quite some time to set everything up to work nicely with Blender plus getting used to it.
I plan on updating many more assets in upcoming releases.

There’s now a new sun and space background.

Planets now have animated clouds.

I reworked the planet tiles and gave them less sharp edges. There’s now also a bit more variance for tiles.

I remade all ore Items, resource fields and plates.

Changes To Influence

It’s now possible to place any Structure outside of the Influence area. But just as before, those Structures won’t operate.
I also extended the InfoBox to make it more clear what’s happening.

Other, Minor Improvements

  • There were some cases where tick times would not show a ‘real’ time number if when less than one second was left. This has now improved and there should always be a ‘real’ time number.


There have been several fixes in this release:

  • I fixed a crash when hovering a cargo ship during its landing / while it’s being deleted
  • I fixed a potential crash when creating a selection box of either 0 width or height