Version 0.6.2

August 31, 2023

This release is savegame-compatible with previous 0.6 versions.

3D Camera For Structures

Previously all Structures were shown in a top-down view. With this release I added additional, ‘3D’ perspectives of Structures which are used within the UI or when using Structures as recipe or Item.
I also unified all Item graphics to use the same camera for rendering and slighly reworked the Plate graphics.
Below some images showing the rework:

Performance Improvements

With this release I further optimized how threads communicate and reduced sleep plus lock times and improved how user interactions are handled.
Updates to the camera and cursor for example don’t depend on the simulation’s tick rate anymore, causing all interactions to become way smoother.

Multiple Cameras

You can now use F1 to F10 to switch between cameras. This makes it way easier to manage multiple planets or very large factories since you can now quickly jump between locations and multi task them without having to traverse the solar system.

Other, Minor Improvements

  • The camera speed is now increased
  • The ‘out of power’ reminder now has an additional cooldown to avoid notification spam in case you’re frequently switching between being out of power and having enough
  • All time / hourly charts now start with a 0 value
  • Progress within the InfoBox now also shows a percentage value [=====-----] 050%
  • Furnaces now show input and product left-to-right
  • Source and Sink Item counts are now summarized in the InfoBox of a Module
  • Using ESC now brings you back to the world view