Version 0.6.3

September 19, 2023

This release is savegame-compatible with previous 0.6 versions.

New Drag Place

I reworked ‘drag place’ to not require you to hold down your mouse button for a specific amount of time.
Instead you’ll now enable the ‘drag place’ either after slightly moving your mouse or moving the camera while holding the left mouse button.

Other, Minor Improvements

  • Planets are now rendered with higher resolution while zooming out, making zooming even more seamless
  • The Planner's border color now changes once its simulation stopped
  • When placing multiple Structures at once, there’s now a warning in case you couldn’t afford placing all of them
  • The default InfoBox mode is now ‘always’
  • The ‘enabled’ state of Structures is now shown in the InfoBox
  • A Module's size is now shown in the InfoBox
  • The ‘top-right’ InfoBox mode is now described within the game
  • The ‘Can’t be placed’ error message now contains more detail


I fixed a bug where the inventory overlay wouldn’t show for Structures on planets.