Version 0.7.1

December 29, 2023

This release is savegame-compatible with previous 0.7 versions.


I created and added a soundtrack to Factor Y. I wanted it to be very calm to match the game, check it out.
Note that there’s now an additional volume slider for the music, so you can tune it compared to the other sounds.

I also noticed that the Burner is quite loud and reduced its volume.
Both volume values are now also persisted between runs so you don’t have to modify the values every time.

Clear Action

It is now possible to ‘clear’ most structures. I added this action to the configure dialog and it’ll drop all items within the structure.
This is handy when you for example dropped the wrong items on a belt.

Other, Minor Improvements

  • I improved the tutorial’s wording to make it more clear that the tasks are optional
  • I changed the order of notifications


  • Multi-remove now correctly restarts the planner if ‘Restart On Edit’ is enabled