Version 0.8.1

April 2, 2024

This release is savegame-compatible with 0.8.0.
Note that I’m renaming Combine And Conquer to Factor Y. This release already updates most texts within the game and its files.
I’ll also start rolling out the rename here, on Steam, Discord, reddit etc. .
Note that I have not migrated the general settings file (e.g. volume, render toggles) and those settings will be reset to the default once you start Factor Y.
If you want to have your previous settings, rename combine_and_conquer_user_cfg.toml to factor_y_user_cfg.toml.


  • Sliders are now slightly easier to use since I added additional padding to the left and right
  • The ‘current research’ at the bottom-right now reacts to hovering
  • The window title text is now shorter (no copyright, not mentioning ‘no loading’ if demo)


In case both input and output of a module are the same (often the case for generic ones), only one of them is now displayed.


  • Improve how the ‘generic modules’ technology is rendered plus its tooltip text
  • ‘Red’ connections are now always rendered on top to make it more obvious that a dependency is missing


  • How to copy structures is now mentioned
  • New tip to change recipe was added to the ‘arm’ tutorial step
  • Remove the Tutorial > prefix from the title

Other, Minor Improvements

  • The default modularize ticks have been increased from 10k to 50k
  • Game title and copyright are now logged on startup
  • I reduced the initial volume of the soundtrack